Eva Can’t is a band born in 2009 in Bologna (Italy); the band’s sound, that was never connected to a precise genre, always evolved even keeping some specific traits like a refined music writing, attention to arrangements and melody, and the stylistic choice of singing in italian. The debout happens in 2010 with the self-produced album “L’ Enigma delle Ombre” where the band lays the foundations of his sound, after this Eva Can’t follows a stylistic change closer to extreme metal and progressive with “Inabisso” (2011) and “Hinthial” (2014), two concept albums where lyrics and music fuse together to create a refined and elegant work. The albums are acclaimed in many reviews from the musical press and allow the band to play live in different and selected situations. From 2014 Eva Can’t starts working incessantly to “Gravatum”. The fourth album represent the most profound and sincere music evolution of their entire discography; the music moves away from the extreme sound of the two past albums and become deeply melancholy and heart rending. The album is co-produced with Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, The Foreshadowing) who handled the Drums Recording and Mastering in his studios. In April 2017 Eva Can’t sign a contract with My Kingdom Music for the release of “Gravatum”; the album takes excellent critical evaluations that reward the strong emotional momentum and the refined musical choices. At the doors of their tenth year of activity, Eva Can’t realize an EP of 5 songs; “Febbraio” is a small gem, totally recorded live in an isolated house in the hills of Bologna, is the link between “Gravatum” and the future new album.


What does Eva Can’t means?

It is the English translation of one of first Eva Can’t song refrain (Estemporanea Volontà Asettica, that is part of the first album “L’Enigma delle Ombre”); Eva Can’t term represents the real and innate limit of the human nature: the Death.

What does the band logo means?

The logo, realized by Helios Pu, is inspired by a german lithograpgy of the 400’s; it represents Eva picking an apple from the death tree originating, according to Christian and Jewish mythology, human mortality.

Why do you sing in Italian?

Because it is a language with high musicality and expressivity, poetic instrument of a strong artistic past.

How can I organize a live show with Eva Can’t?

Eva Can’t are always enthusiastic to play on a live show, you can download HERE our specifications and contact us by mail to fix a date.

Where can I buy “L’enigma delle Ombre”?

Cd version of first Eva Can’t album was printed in limited copies, and it is actually out of stock; you can download the digital version for free HERE.